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"It won't happen to me..." That's what most people think, but your everyday transactions reveal key personal information that can be used without your knowledge to commit a crime. Protecting yourself from identity theft is crucial and The Pro Plan is your answer to staying one step ahead of the criminals.

Rest assured with The Pro Plan’s 360 degree ID protection

We protect, monitor, warn, restore and cover you from the dangers of ID theft. Our commitment to you is to be secure, effective and responsive.

Our goal is to become your trusted partner, helping to protect you from the devastating impact of identity theft. We hope you enjoy the many benefits it provides for years to come. If you have any questions about our program, don’t hesitate to call the toll-free number included in your membership materials.

Protect Your Identity with These Benefits

Identity Theft Risk Score

Identity risk scores are a proactive scoring solution to help you identify your current level of risk. Your risk score is generated by applying proprietary analytics to hundreds of billions of records to create a risk score between 0 and 999. The higher the score, the higher your risk for identity theft. Your risk score is not a credit score or a credit rating.

The risk score indicates your level of risk at the time the score is generated. It can change at any time depending by detecting new suspicious activity that could indicate the beginning steps of identity theft.

After stealing social security numbers, thieves may wait years before attempting to steal someone’s identity. That’s why continuous monitoring with The Pro Plan is important in protecting your identity.

Once you have identified your risk, you have taken the first step to managing it.


Sign into the Members Area and access the "Personal Information Center" to update your information and to see your current score.

Ongoing Monitoring

You need to protect your identity like you insure your home and car. Once the thief has decided to use an individual’s information, the victims typically don’t know they’ve been victimized until an average of nine months after the thief actually started using their identity. With The Pro Plan monitoring, you can know before it is too late!

Databases monitored include:

We use common information including your name, address and phone number to create a data profile that compares your information with our databases. The Pro Plan system uses proprietary algorithms to look for any unusual or suspicious activity that is different from your profile and could indicate compromises to your identity.

Alerts by Phone

If we find any suspicious activity, we will personally call you using your primary alert phone number.

‘All Clear’ Email Messages

If we don’t find any suspicious activity, we will send you an “all clear” email notifying you that we have not discovered any suspicious activity in the past 30 days.

Account Activity Alerts

In addition to Identity Monitoring and Identity Risk Scores, we can provide you with additional proactive identity theft protection through Account Activity Alerts at no additional cost. These alerts are for transactions that typically take place outside of a credit report and expose you to financial risk. This service is provided to you at no additional cost but you must register for the service using the easy steps listed in the "How it works" section. By monitoring participating banks, online retailers, telecom providers, health insurers and more, we look for suspicious activity that could indicate the beginning steps of identity theft. Account Activity Alerts provide unparalleled visibility into your risk of identity misuse, highlighting actions that may indicate someone is establishing a false identity using your information.

When we notify you

Whether a fraudster succeeds or not, we'll let you know when a bank password reset request is made, a new credit card is activated, or access to your health insurance portal is attempted. Our alerts also detect wire transfers through bank or investment accounts, MoneyGram transfers, cell phone insurance use, and address change attempts,whether online or through a financial institution's call center.

Real-time alerts

When we detect these transactions, you receive an email notification with a phone number included for you to call. If we don't hear from you, we will contact you directly to alert you. Our customer service representatives are available to discuss the alert with you and guide you through the appropriate steps to take if necessary.

This service is provided to you at no cost for as long as you remain a member.

Victim Assistance

Trained identity theft specialists will work with you 24/7 to help repair your good name. We will take all the appropriate steps in order to correct your identity theft problems, which typically require the assistance and expense of an attorney.

Some of the tools we use are:

The restoration service will do whatever it takes to restore your name to pre-identity theft status. The service will take an unlimited amount of time, and spend whatever it takes in restoring your identity and good name to a pre-theft status.

Discovery Based

This service uses a “Discovery Basis” approach, which covers you for a pre-existing identity theft if the theft had not been discovered prior to your enrollment with The Pro Plan.

Emergency Recovery Kit

You may also choose to manage the restoration process yourself. Ifthis option is selected, an ID Theft Emergency Recovery Kit is sent toyou with pre-written correspondence to help you deal with creditors andcredit bureaus. This step-by-step manual details the resolution processand provides you with guidance for avoiding future complications.

Internet Privacy Scanning

We scan Internet directories looking for your address, email address, and phone numbers listed in your account. Examples of the Internet directories we scan are:

You have the option of adding an additional postal address, two additional email addresses, and two additional phone numbers.

Removal of Data and Opting Out

We help you remove data from websites that post it online. And,once requested, we automatically process opt-outs on your behalf. This stops the people-search sites from selling your personal information to individuals who might have ulterior motives.

Identity Restoration

In the event your identity is stolen, The Pro Plan’s restoration process kicks in to help you with important restoration services.

Free legal consultations

Members are entitled to a free initial 60-minute consultation with an attorney on each new issue involving theft of their identity. After the initial consultation, the participating attorney may be retained at a preferred rate reduction of 25% off of the attorney’s standard hourly or fixed fee rates.

Financial coaching

Members receive up to a 60-minute telephone consultation with a certified credit and financial counselor. Counselors are in-house financial professionals who can assist with credit counseling, restoration strategies, credit report analysis and tax planning, all of which may have been seriously impacted by identity theft.


The expense reimbursement coverage protects against the financial hardships associated with identity theft, such as falsely incurred debt,lost wages, legal fees and correspondence with creditors.

This coverage can include provisions for the following:

In addition, the policy also provides coverage for Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer. The Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer policy has an “occurrence based” approach and covers you, provided that the Unauthorized Fund Transfer first occurs while you are a member of the Master Policyholder’s Membership Program and is reported to us within ninety (90) days after your discovery of an Unauthorized Fund Transfer. You will not be covered if the Unauthorized Fund Transfer first occurs after expiration or termination of the Master Policy or termination of your membership in the Master Policyholder’s Membership Program.

Insurance coverage is provided by AIG

The Identity Theft and Fraud Division of AIG, Inc. has developed a unique insurance policy. This Personal Identity Coverage Policy (PIIC) provides you with expert assistance through unparalleled customer service, income protection and expense reimbursement. Dedicated support professionals that understand that identity theft is a traumatic,criminal event are available 24/7 to assist you until your crisis is completely resolved. In addition, an ID Theft Recovery Kit, complete with form letters to send to creditors and bureaus, is provided to you.Coverage is provided for lost wages as a result of time off work related to a stolen identity event for up to $500 a week for four weeks. This benefit also covers expense reimbursement which includes any expenses related to the recovery of your identity, including defense costs for certain civil suits, re-filing for loans, notarizing documents, and reimbursement of fees.

AIG is a world leading property-casualty and general insurance organization serving more than 40 million clients in over 160 countries and jurisdictions. With a 90-year history, one of the industry's most extensive ranges of products and services, deep claims expertise and excellent financial strength, AIG enables its commercial and personal insurance clients alike to manage virtually any risk with confidence.

Benefits summary: Personal Internet and identity coverage master policy

This summary is provided to inform you that as a member of The Pro Plan, you are entitled to benefits under the Master Policy referenced below. This Summary Description of Benefits does not state all the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the Policy. Your benefits will be subject to all of the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the Master Policy, even if they are not mentioned in this Summary. A complete copy of the Policy will be provided upon request.

The Master Policy of Personal Internet Identity Coverage has been issued to: The Pro Plan. (the "Master Policy Holder"), Policy Number: 7078049 underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of AIG Inc., to provide benefits as described in this Summary.

General Information

Should you have any questions regarding the Membership Program provided by the Master Policyholder, or wish to view a complete copy of the Master Policy, please call the customer service number located in your membership materials.

Limit of Insurance

Additional Services

Lost Wallet Service

Losing your purse or wallet can be an upsetting experience, but our lost wallet service can help make the situation less stressful. Our Fraud Resolution Specialists can assist you by requesting an online credit report to ensure no one has fraudulently used your credit cards, canceling affected credit cards and bank accounts, having new cards issued to you, and even placing a fraud alert with the credit reporting agencies; all through the use of multi-party phone calls.

Simply call the toll-free number listed in your membership materials to limit possible damage if you've lost your purse or wallet.

Child Protection

Child Protect provides enhanced detection of whether a child’s social security number is being used.

Optional account activity alerts

This complementary service protects against account takeovers,setting up new bank accounts or credit cards, account related address change attempts, password changes for financial institutions and brokerage accounts, attempting to access your health insurance portal and a number of other high-risk transactions.

Internet privacy scanning

This complementary service scans the Internet to find exposed personal information, including phone numbers, birth dates, physical addresses, email addresses, and more. Then we help members remove that data from the websites that posted it online.

Family Protection

The Pro Plan provides you and your eligible family members (your spouse and all your dependents up to and including age 25 that live at your address or that are students living away at college) with state-of-the-art identity protection. We will help you assess your risk and monitor your information, as well as all eligible family members’ data associated with your profile.

Each family member receives their own individual Identity Risk Score. Some data may apply to all family members and could affect all family members’ Identity Risk Scores. Should identity theft happen to you or a family member, we will work with you to help reclaim you or your eligible family member’s identity at no additional charge.

Our identity protection solutions include:

Stop Credit Card Offers

Unsolicited credit card offers are an identity theft risk as thieves can take the materials out of your mailbox and open credit cards in your name without your knowledge. With The Pro Plan, you can request to opt-out of receiving "firm offers" for five years or permanently.

Free Credit Reports Reminder Service

Credit reports are great tools if used properly. Direct-to-consumer credit reports are available to the general public so consumers can see what lenders, landlords, and insurance companies look at prior to making a credit decision. This gives you the opportunity to identify any false information before applying for credit. Additionally, if you become a victim of identity theft, you may want to check your credit reports for any fraudulent activity.

The federal government, in cooperation with the three credit bureaus, put a program in place for every consumer to receive one free credit report per year from each of the three bureaus.

Many consumers choose to stagger receiving their reports from each bureau by choosing 1 report from one bureau, then in another 4 months, choose a report from a 2nd bureau and so forth. They receive a report from one of the credit bureaus every 4 months, equaling a full year of reports.

Quarterly e-Newsletter

Awareness is the first line of defense against identity theft. For that reason, we provide an e-publication designed to educate you and increase your understanding of identity protection issues. The newsletter enables you to be proactive in protecting your personal information.

Topics regularly covered include:

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